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    • Last updated 4 January 2015
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Our first attempt at an FPV Race

Posted By Paul Heckles     4 January 2015    


The story of our first FPV Race.


Having got hooked on FPC flying over the past couple of months flying with Rob, Brams, Andy and Chris, i wanted to contstruct a simple track at my field. 


Preparation started on Saturday around lunch time with with a trip to Wickes to try and find some pipe cladding to fit around the pipe we had previously purchased to use as "gates".  The quads will have to fly through everygate to successfully complete a lap and therefore the gates will form the main layout of the track.

With materials in hand i popped over to Tony's where we constructed 4 gates.  We used some fluroscent vinyl strips to complete the gates giving a very visual way to see them on the track.

Day of the race

I arrived at the field around 9am to start laying out the track, i was shortly joined by Rob and Andy but no sign of Tony yet (notsuprised as it was still morning). 

The wind was perfect, however the fog was not.  Visibility was about 50 ft and no sign of getting any better but we decided to continue and prayed the fog would lift.

Along with the gates we used pairs of poles as markers to guide the quads on the right line to make it through the gates.

Tony arrived around 11.30 to find us battling with mist on our fpv cameras and goggles, meaning we could only complete a maximum of 2 laps at a time before returning to the pits to de-mist.

Derek was the next to arrive where he quickly found Tony hiding in the portacabin tuning his quad (again) and helping Andy with his new Naze board.  Derek took this opportunity to get his quad racer setup completed.

It was a suprise to see Pete arrive next as he had been suffering with a bout of sickness over the past couple of days.  He brought his usual jovial character to the event and never misses an opportunity to get involved with the racing.

Despite the fog lifting a little the equipment was still misting up and it was disapointing after all the work we had done and the excitement we felt going into the day. We still managed to get a few laps in throughout the afternoon with at least 3 racers.

See pics and videos for more of our first attempt at a quad race.

We all learned alot about track setup and racing and really look forward to repeating the whole thing on a less foggy day.

Thanks to everyone that came on the day.